Invisible Allies

Conversations with Bees


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The musical collaboration of Bluetech and KiloWatts is decidedly unclassifiable in terms of genre, skipping school with warehouse dub theatrics, having an illicit romance with psychedelic production techniques and participating in a class riot against normality with techno, ambient, downtempo, breaks, and broken beatscapes.

Nate Connelly

Without EP

A first taste from Nate Connelly in Aleph Zero. It's highly atmospheric and very cinematic, full of feel and emotion with a streak of melancholy and also very psychedelic with a touch of an alien feel. The sound and structures of the compositions are irresistible and just suck you in. It is music from the other side. We invite you to cross over.


Where the Fields Never End : Revisited


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We are happy to invite you to visit again one of the classic psychedelic chillout albums of all times in Ooze - Where the Fields Never End : Revisited. The original album has been unavailable for many years. We are making it available now again and have added a second CD with current interpretations to the original tracks by leading artists.



Dream Flash EP

As a preview to a release we are very excited about, the double album from Ooze - Where the Fields Never End : Revisited, we present you with a new EP from Ooze - Dream Flash. A brand new original Ooze track after a long silence, coupled with a remix from Fredrik Ohr. It’s a Dream Flash.




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ALive contains live arrangements of Shulman tracks made for the special Shulman live band shows. It features live musicians and the outcome is an out of this world journey into Shulman’s weird universes, but much more ALive. You’ll find collaborations with Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Ishq, Sub6, Michele Adamson and Lee Trifon (Eatliz).


From Soil to Space


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From Soil to Space is a deep musical journey ranging on wide spectrums on many levels, as the album name aptly explains. A challenging and yet dreamy album, psychedelic and atmospheric, it journeys through dark depths, contemplative moments and optimistic caressing melodies.
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