Special Invisible Allies pre-sale!


Get the new Invisible Allies (Bluetech & KiloWatts) album - Conversation with Bees- for only 10.99E including shipment anywhere in the world here: http://aleph-zero.info/cd-181/Invisible-Allies/Conversations-with-Bees/details.html


And all other titles go for 10.99 as well!!! (expept 2CDs for only 11.99). Sale lasts only till May 23rd.

Grab it now!


May 13, 2014
Special Invisible Allies pre-sale!
The new Invisible Allies (Bluetech + KiloWatts) will be released on May 23rd- you can get it here is a special pre-sale price! 10.99E including shipment!

August 27, 2012
Ooze - Dream Flash EP w/ Fredrik Ohr remix- Out now!
A new Ooze track! The Dream Flash EP with a remix by Fredrik Ohr available now as the opening note to the upcoming release of Ooze's "Where the Fields Never End : Revisited" - check it out!

January 23, 2012
Shulman - ALive - presale is on!!! incl. CD+Poster
Be the first to get your copy of the new Shulman album! CDs will be sent a week before the release date (Feb. 13th) You can also get a CD + Poster for only 16 Euros incl. shipment worldwide by registered airmail!

December 14, 2011
Crazy CD holidays' sale- All titles 6-10 Euros incl. shipment!
Feel your cart with chilled music! We want you to have new good chilling music for the festive season- so here you go- all Aleph Zero CDs for 6-10 Euros including shipment anywhere in the world! Only till 1/1/2012!

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