Midnight Soul Dive

Track List:

Unoccupied - Everyday Life
Cord - Zodiac
Krill.minima - Wie die Wolken zieht auch der Tag vorbei
Hibernation - Melt
Cosmic Fools - Bohemian Atmosphere
Anahata - Prana
Vataff Project - Plasticine Bird
Omnimotion - Embrace
Ishq & Shulman - Mother Nature
Elve - Cyantium Flower
Bluetech - Snow Drift
Rena Jones - A Curious Unraveling

Release Notes

Aleph Zero is happy to present you with a new musical companion to end your day. This compilation will escort you in a nocturnal journey starting in any other evening of everyday life and going through mysterious musical back roads and unknown sonic paths, spiraling down and diving deep inside your soul- a Midnight Soul Dive. Hovering in and out of realms of downtempo electronica, idm, ambient & chillout, accomplished artists such as Shulman, Bluetech Ishq, Hibernation, Omnimotion and Rena Jones, together with some new fresh names, construct for you an imaginary internal world of sounds. Midnight Soul Dive will draw you slowly inside that world, gradually relaxing you while exposing for you amazing wonders - the wonders the soul. 


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Media format: CD

Catalog No.: AlephZ07

Genre: Downtempo Electronica / Ambient / IDM / Chillout

Release date: 4.6.2007


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The next step in sonic evolution