Dream Wide Awake

Track List:

Days of Silence (feat. Aleah)
Wide Awake (feat. Krister Linder)
Une Autre Vie
Elves of Athoria
Cozy Life
Purple Sky (feat. Adam Perski)
Electronic Love
Open My Heart
Ton Image

Release Notes

After four years of recording, producing and composing new music in his Ambium Studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, Omnimotion is finally back with a second album. Utilizing inspirations and knowledge he picked up along his very diverse musical path, Stefan has created Dream Wide Awake. The album contains the best musical gems that were carefully chosen from the music that accumulated in this four year period. It is a beautifully mellow yet optimistic album, with a strong acoustic presence. Dream Wide Awake is an incredibly diverse album. It features eight different vocalists- from a rapper to an opera singer- and many guest musicians with an array of instruments including the violin, accordion, guitar, drums, harp & flute. The outcome hovers between the electronic and the acoustic, the hypnotic and the melodic, between abstract ambient and mellow songs, between dubby songs and IDM glitches. Omnimotion weaves and paints here an emotional musical journey that must not be missed and will leave you dreaming wide awake.


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Media format: CD

Catalog No.: AlephZ06

Genre: Downtempo Electronica / Ambient / Chillout / Lounge / Trip-Hop

Release date: 23.10.2006


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