Conversations with Bees

Track List:

The Long Wind
Cross Pollinating
Bees Longing
Spiral Staircase
Interrupting Clouds
Rainfall (Jazz on Tin Roof)
And the Weeping Stopped
Mending Time
Honey River (The Open Broken Bleeding Heart)

Release Notes

Invisible Allies are explorers of the digital mysteries, documenters of forbidden histories and technoid inductees into the college of prismatic sound design. Collaborating through secret transmissions written in cyphers of bark and seeds, the musical collaboration of Bluetech and KiloWatts is decidedly unclassifiable in terms of genre, skipping school with warehouse dub theatrics, having an illicit romance with psychedelic production techniques and participating in a class riot against normality with techno, ambient, downtempo, breaks, and broken beatscapes.

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Media format: CD

Catalog No.: AlephZ21

Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / Dub / Chillout / Glitch / IDM / Ambient

Release date: 23.5.2014


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The next step in sonic evolution