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The man behind Vataff Project is Bulgarian musician Victor Marinov. One of the pioneers of the electronic music scene in Bulgaria, Victor was part of two unique projects during the 90s - Dve Kupeta & Band of Mad Women. With these he released 3 albums. Victor has also been writing music for theatre and film, and recording traditional Bulgarian music for ethno-musicological projects.

In 2001 he originated Vataff Project, a unique mix of electronic music with traditional Bulgarian instruments and vocals. In Bulgarian folklore the leader of the Kalushars (Rusaliys) is called Vataff. They are considered a folklore remnant of an ancient elite society of warriors, whose leaders were initiated in religious cult, and had the ability to heal and liberate through special music through rituals. Victor aims with his music to lead to profound feelings of ecstasy coming from the heart and rooted in ritual originating in the ancient times, and continued to the present and the future. The permanent development and evolution of sound, the search for states going beyond the field of matrix forms and images are basic tendencies set in the project's idea.

Vataff Project has two albums already released in Bulgaria, and has been performing live internationally in many events and big festivals all across Europe as well as in Asia & North Africa. Vataff Project latest album- Kalitz - was released with Aleph Zero in 2008. Victor is now working on his next album.




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