Dream Wide Awake

Stefan Lundaahl, known for his deep emotional ambient music, was born in 1976 in Sweden. Stefan started his spiraling musical journey when he began playing the guitar at the age of 15, and went on writing music and playing in a multitude of different bands. The passion for music resulted in a three year music gymnasium program where he wrote music for several bands and solo projects. He was also the guitarist in a Death Metal band called Amroth. After exploring various genres, Stefan finally discovered the gate to the dreamy infinite world of ambient music. After graduation he moved to Stockholm and began his Omnimotion project. Along with his passion for ambient music he was also attracted to the romantic classical era. And so, ended up in a two year classical composing program where he had learned to write for orchestral instruments, classical vocals, piano, string quartet and full orchestra.
By 1999 he released his first track, and in 2002 his very successful debut self titled album was released by the well-known US label Waveform. He went on releasing many tracks on different compilations around the globe and his music was also chosen to accompany modern dance choreography by famous choreographer Moses Pendelton.


After four years of recording, producing and composing new music in his Ambium Studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, Omnimotion finally came back with a second release. Utilizing inspirations and knowledge he picked up along his diverse musical path, Stefan has created Dream Wide Awake. The album contains the best musical gems that were carefully chosen from the music that accumulated in this four year period. It is a beautifully mellow yet optimistic album, with a strong acoustic presence. Dream Wide Awake is an incredibly diverse album. It features eight different vocalists- from a rapper to an opera singer- and many guest musicians with an array of instruments including the violin, accordion, guitar, drums, harp & flute. The album was received with unanimous praise, crossing genre and crowd boundaries, and track from it were licensed to a multitude of compilation across the globe.




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The next step in sonic evolution