Seb Taylor needs no introduction. One of the veterans of the UK electronic music scene, Seb has been creating musical delicacies in a multitude of genres under many different names. With unrivaled creativity and productivity, Seb has been the man behind successful projects such as Kaya Project, Angel Tears & Foxglove in the downtempo & chillout realms, and Shakta, Digitalis & Somaton, among others, in the dancefloor region. He already has 12 albums behind him, and has recently been writing and producing music for films, documentaries and commercials. His Music has previously been used in such TV shows as HBO’s Sex & The City & The West Wing and in 2007 He was commissioned by the UK’s BBC Television as a composer.

Hibernation is his new project, a platform for delving deeper into a more electronic, IDM & glitchy downtempo style. It is a more experimental project that offers quirky glitchy warm downtempo electronic music. Expect Seb’s usual syncopated grooves and strong atmospherics with an additional unexpected edge. Chillout with a twist.

Seb has performed under his many guises in every conceivable festival and venue all around the world, generating a global following. In the last two years he has been performing live & DJ sets as Hibernation as well.

The first Hibernation album was released in Aleph Zero in the end of 2008, and became an instant success. 




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The next step in sonic evolution