DJ Shahar


DJ Shahar is well known throughout the chill out & trance world. He's been dancing outdoor to weird sounds since 1989, and for the last 10 years been running the popular site and community voluntarily. He's been writing music reviews in countless websites and magazines around the world, and very quickly ventured to take part in the other side of things- DJing in underground nature parties, and compiling trance compilations in various labels around the world. In the last 7 years Shahar has turned his focus more and more to chill out and downtempo electronica. He's been DJing in Israel & overseas in underground nature parties, known clubs & lounge bars, and festivals, and has also managed chillout stages in few festivals.


His sets supply a unique experience as he prefers to play long 6-12 hours sets (aiming eventually to do a 24hrs set), where he uses his vast musical background of more than 20 years of collecting and listening to music to play diverse sets that combine, besides the more usual chill out played at parties, also elements of ethnic music (from Mongolia through India to the Balkans), psychedelic pieces from the colorful past (from Pink Floyd to Ozric Tentacles), diverse electronica, and a lot of spacey dubby beats. Blending all these, Shahar delivers a diverse mind intriguing experience sure to make the mind fly while the body relaxes or grooves slowly.



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