Hold the Sun

CUTS is the new project of Nadav Katz. Nadav has started his musical career long ago. He’s mostly an autodidact and has been playing Guitars, Keyboards and Synths, Bass and Drums in many projects both in the studio and on stage. Since 1999 he has been working as a sound engineer, and programmer. For the last few years he is also working as a mastering engineer, and for a while was running a school for music production.

Nadav also produced quite a few projects and artists, in both the Israeli mainstream and indie rock & pop scenes, and of course in the electronic music world. Among the projects he took part in under his different hats are Unoccupied, Violet Vision, Kob, Mode 7 and Que, to mention a few.

CUTS offers an intriguing body of music, at times melancholic, yet a rebellious and self aware, with an optimistic streak reaching. The music and cutting edge production speak here as loud as the vocals. A great blend of acoustics and electronics, smart manipulation of sounds, and a clear audio vision makes for beautiful songs, with roots in the music of Air, Massive Attack and Zero 7, among others.




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The next step in sonic evolution