About Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is the product of two minds - Yaniv Shulman and Shahar Bar-Itzhak. Yaniv, of the talented Shulman musical project, is a true innovator of psychedelic ambient. He is known for breaking borders and morphing new sounds, with four highly successful albums behind him and a lot of praise from every possible direction. DJ Shahar has been involved with the electronic dance chillout music world for more than a decade, writing about music in a multitude of magazines and web sites, DJing in parties, clubs, festivals and compiling compilations.


Aleph Zero's musical vision is one of downtempo electronic music, journeying through the realms of ambient, chill out, ethnic sounds and cutting edge electronica. In its short time of existence Aleph Zero has already managed to get world wide recognition, and its quality music has been accepted across various musical scenes. The reviews for all releases have been overwhelming and they have been drawing praise from major music magazines and websites and all the way to the Japan Times and New York Times! Aleph Zero artists and DJs roster includes: Shulman, DJ Shahar, Bluetech, Ishq, Omnimotion, Hibernation, Agalactia, Vattaf Project, Outersect, Aligning Minds, Krusseldorf, Fredrik Ohr, Unoccupied, Trassmision in Bloom, Nadav Katz and more. Aleph Zero artists and DJs are constantly touring around the globe, and had their music licensed to a multitude of destinations.


Aleph Zero - The Next Step in Sonic Evolution.


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The next step in sonic evolution